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Grand Palace Spires – Bangkok

20080725-AsiaPac2008 239WP800x533

(Taken July 2008)
iso400 30mm f/13 1/400 Canon 40D

Apparently this must have been shortly after I got my Canon 40D because I was still hadn’t learned the virtues of shooting in raw mode. Fortunately, I didn’t need any major Lightroom adjustments since the sky was great and it was a good time of day. This is in Bangkok’s Grand Palace. There are several good photo ops within Bangkok within a short distance from each other. Interesting thing about visiting this particular location is that one can not have bare legs so they “rent” long pants.

Bangkok River Market

20080725-AsiaPac2008 136WP800x533

(Taken July 2008)
ISO400 44mm F5.6 1/160 Canon 40D

Business travel in AsiaPac often involves travel across weekends. Remember, transportation is inexpensive so get out of the city. The safest way that I’ve found to do this is to have the hotel connect you with a driver and make certain the price is agreed upon. Most hotels routinely record the contact info for the driver so there is little chance of getting ripped off. Damnern Sauduak (spelled various ways I’ve found), is a couple hours drive outside of Bangkok where boat drivers are eager to take you through the canals. Remember, price is always negotiable in Thailand. On the other hand, I have to remind myself to let these folks make a living. Often the drivers get fuel coupons by taking their fares to certain shops. It certainly doesn’t hurt to stop at one so they get this perk.

I was interested in this lady’s serious expression as she made her way through the canals. When I got the photo up on Lightroom when I returned home, I was totally unhappy with the picture due to all the people lined up along the banks and the other boats. I think this is when I was learning the magic of simply cropping. It may take a while to go through your pictures and consider the various crop options, but it certainly can promote shots from “ordinary”.