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China Colors

November 20, 2009-IMG_6671WP800x533

(Taken November 2009)
ISO400 28mm F13 1/50 Canon 40D

Simple technique if not overused. With Lightroom, de-saturate everything and then re-saturate just the bright parts that you intend. These are the natural colors of the coats.

Shanghai from on high

November 18, 2009-IMG_6523WP800x533

(Taken November 2009)
iso800 22mm f/4.5 1/10 Canon 40D

This series of shots was taken from Shanghai’s World Financial Center. The building itself is 492.0 meters (1,614.2 ft) tall and the observation deck is 474 m (1,555 ft) above the ground. Although a challenge to shoot through the ever-present smog in Shanghai and despite the reflections on the windows from the inside lights, I was able to get the shots. The smog in the end provided a diffusion of the city lights for an interesting result.