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Catalina Elephant Seal

May 13, 2010-P5131974WP800x533

(Taken May 2010)
ISO80 6.7mm F4.5 1/320 Olympus 725SW underwater point and shoot camera

According to the marine biologists on Catalina Island (off the coast of Southern California), this was a baby elephant seal lost on its way up the coast.

Sydney Bats


March 06, 2010-IMG_8027WP800x533

(Taken March 2010)
ISO400 135mm F13 1/640 Canon 40D

March 06, 2010-IMG_8045WP800x533

(Taken March 2010)
ISO400 135mm F8 1/250 Canon 40D

These large bats, known locally as grey-headed flying-foxes, set up camp at the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens next to the opera house. Although they are an impressive sight, they’re somewhat of a pest due to their numbers as they destroy the foliage. As bats usually do, these guys just hang around until dusk when they start looking for snacks.