Angkor Wat Monkey – Cambodia

Monkey sits guard at an Angkor Wat gate.

Kealia Pond – Maui

One thinks of Maui for beaches, snorkeling and hikes on the dormant volcano. However, I decided to take a stop at a small nature reserve which is home to many unique regional birds. A good example of getting off the beaten path and discovering some wonderful examples of nature.


Dana Point Snoozing

A buoy makes a good resting place for sea lions


Catalina Elephant Seal

May 13, 2010-P5131974WP800x533

(Taken May 2010)
ISO80 6.7mm F4.5 1/320 Olympus 725SW underwater point and shoot camera

According to the marine biologists on Catalina Island (off the coast of Southern California), this was a baby elephant seal lost on its way up the coast.

Sydney Bats


March 06, 2010-IMG_8027WP800x533

(Taken March 2010)
ISO400 135mm F13 1/640 Canon 40D

March 06, 2010-IMG_8045WP800x533

(Taken March 2010)
ISO400 135mm F8 1/250 Canon 40D

These large bats, known locally as grey-headed flying-foxes, set up camp at the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens next to the opera house. Although they are an impressive sight, they’re somewhat of a pest due to their numbers as they destroy the foliage. As bats usually do, these guys just hang around until dusk when they start looking for snacks.

Carmel Hummingbird


(taken July, 2013 – Carmel, CA)
ISO100 105mm f/4.0 1/640 Canon 6D

Hummingbirds take a lot of patience and the right light. A flash helps in contrasty situations although this one was taken without.



(taken July, 2012)
ISO100 2.5mm f/2.8 1/640 Gopro HD2

While the Gopro is probably not the best in underwater cameras, with the flat lens underwater case, it can provide some pretty good pictures and video. This one was shot in Maui.



(Taken December 2011)
ISO100 6mm f/2.0 1/60 Canon Powershot S95 (raw)

Red Dragonfly


(Taken July 2011)

ISO400 135mm F5.6 1/1000 Canon 40D

One would think this was taken in some exotic rainforest but it was simply a visitor in my Orange County, CA back yard. He (or she, I didn’t check) sat still long enough for me to get a nice tight shot.

Lunch Buddies


(Taken December 2010)

ISO400 135mm F10 1/400 Canon 40D

Another reminder of why I drag my heavy SLR camera with me on trips. This was a lucky combo that I ran across within walking distance from the factory I was visiting in Joinville, Brazil. In this picture, I’m not sure if they are lunching together or….