U Bein Bridge – Mandalay, Myanmar

The U Bein Bridge is just outside of Mandalay on a marshy lake.  The bridge was built in 1850 out of teakwood reclaimed from the royal palace.  We planned to catch the bridge at sunset after climbing the steps of Mandalay hill.  Fortunately the walk down was faster than going up since we were running out of time to get over to the bridge.  And of course, I forgot my tripod back at the hotel so we had to take a detour to stop to get it.  Fortunately, our timing was just right and captured a series of sunset shots.  After the sun went down, we decided to walk across.  It was fortunate that Logan had his LED light handy so we could make our way partway since there were missing planks and holes that we would have missed in the dark.  As you can see, the drop down would be substantial.

U Bein Bridge